Our Team

At Commodore Industries, meet the driving force of seasoned professionals who are at the forefront of the energy sector's transformation. Our executive team's collective vision and expertise are fueling the journey towards a sustainable and prosperous Africa.

Strategic Acumen

Each leader brings a rich tapestry of strategic mastery in sustainable energy development and infrastructure.

Diverse Expertise

From the intricacies of financial structuring to the nuances of stakeholder relations, our team's expertise is as diverse as it is deep.

Motion & Animation

Motion Graphics Design / Animated Explainer Videos / Interactive Presentations

Innovative Drive

We're united by a common goal to innovate and execute energy solutions that set new standards in the industry.

Tokologo Phetla

Chief Executive Officer

Tokologo Phetla, otherwise known as 'the Commodore', believes in Africa. His intention is to transform it into a truly independent economic and political power through entrepreneurial leadership and industrial development.

He has been an entrepreneur for a decade now, since launching his first business as an Allan Gray scholar at the University of Cape Town at the age of 19. His entrepreneurial track record demonstrates his ability to realize success in what he sets his mind to, and positions him as one of the most prolific entrepreneurs on the African continent.

Key Highlights

Age 22 – Won Best Student Entrepreneur Award with Entrepreneurs Organization, among many other accolades, https://www.sagoodnews.co.za/75-tokologo-phetla/

Age 23 – Deployed an artificial intelligence technology and won first multi-million-rand contract with a provincial government (R11m p.a.)

Age 24 – Voted the number 1 most influential young person in business in Africa, https://howsouthafrica.com/avance-medias-list-100-influential-young-south-africans/

Age 25 – AI business grows in prominence and opens operations in Nigeria, Botswana, Namibia and Kenya, https://howng.com/tag/tokologo-phetla/

Age 26 – Sold all interests in the AI and publishing businesses to focus on energy

Age 27 – Found Commodore Industries

Tshepo Phetla

Executive Chairman

With a career spanning various sectors, Mr. Phetla has held significant positions, including Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at North West Development Corporation (NWDC), Group Chief Operations Officer (GCOO) at Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA), and Executive Manager roles at Limpopo Economic Development Enterprise (LimDev). His experience also includes academic roles at the University of Pretoria and Tshwane University of Technology, as well as administrative positions at City of Tshwane and Government Communication & Information Systems (GCIS).

Mr. Phetla's leadership extends to board memberships across diverse organizations, including Musina Makhado SEZ, Housing Company Tshwane (HCT), Risima Housing Finance Corporation, Sefateng Chrome Mine, Aon Limpopo, Corridor Mining Resources (CMR), Great North Transport (GNT), and several mining and insurance companies. He has served as both Chairman of the Board and Board Member in these entities.

Key Highlights

Steven Tshepo Mathuhli Phetla's extensive educational background, multifaceted professional experience, and leadership roles in various boards demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a broad understanding of different sectors. His contributions to economic development, human resources, transformation, and governance make him a prominent figure in both the academic and corporate landscapes of South Africa

Gerhardt Koekoemoer

Head : Project Unit

Gerhardt is a business strategist who is solution driven with an excellent ability to surround himself with very competent people for the specific task at hand. He makes it his business to know the business environment as well as the technical aspects thereof, which is a key component for an entrepreneur. This has culminated in a successful history in the mining industry, focusing on granite, gold and coal. He has vast international experience, specifically in the diverse African business landscape and has built a large network through exports of the commodities.

During his former years he has built experience in the financial and tax environment which now forms the basis of his strategy. As a consultant with SunRanch Solar since 2008, he has gained invaluable experience. Gerhardt is passionate about renewables and the associated business models built around the technologies and has a deep understanding of the applications of renewable energy.

Key Highlights

His experience and leadership abilities also contributed to the successful navigation of Sasol Mining through periods of extreme volatility, uncertainty and extensive changes in the industrial environment including the commitment and transition to the pursuit of zero-harm and the zero-tolerance approach to occupational health and safety; prolonged unprotected labour disputes and most recently, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout his career, Lucky has been driven by a passion for innovation and business improvement and he has succeeded in building strong, sustainable partnerships.

Lucky’s journey has now led him to the private sector where his experience, networks and practical know-how have culminated in the incorporation of Tlou Commodities Proprietary Limited (“Tlou”) and a partnership with the mining powerhouse Q Global Commodities Proprietary Limited (“QGC”), aimed at thriving in the local and international coal and other mineral supply chains.

With the technical and financial support of QGC and its affiliates, coupled with Lucky’s extensive experience, Tlou is poised to become the true example of a black-owned mining start-up growing into an independent, proudly South African behemoth.

Lerato Mabena

Stakeholder Management

Ms. Mabena holds a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and a degree in international relations from the University of Pretoria. She also holds an honours degree in Business administration from Southeren Business School. In addition to these, Lerato has an enviable chain of certificates obtained from successful completion of a variety of courses in the Management field.

These accomplishments clearly mark her out as an individual committed to the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge. To be sure, her academic achievements have equipped her with the necessary mental muscle to practically participate and contribute to organisations in different roles.

Key Highlights

Her areas of practical expertise include designing and executing of projects and programmes, organisational re-engineering, project management, process optimisation and strategy implementation.

It is to the credit of the professionalism with which Ms. Mabena discharges her responsibilities that she has been able to provide a kaleidoscope of different managerial services to institutions in South Africa. Specifically, in the recent past, Ms. Mabena has undertaken tasks such as the development of a quality assurance framework for Social welfare services, the performance review of NGOs and the management of a community development qualifications stakeholder project. Further to these, she has also been involved in the articulation of a position paper and strategy on Labour brokering, the execution of a research on the state of consumer protection in South Africa as well as the implementation of the Asset Based Community driven Development (ABCD) Model.

It is noteworthy to highlight the fact that Ms. Mabena’s knowledge and expertise have been utilised for the benefit of a number of different organisations that she has been privileged to work for in both the public and private sector. Some of these include the National department of Social development, the Independent Development Trust (IDT), Navigant Foundation, Universal Services and Access Agency of South Africa (USAASA), South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA), Kgaogelo Kae Kae Business Enterprises (Kgaogelo Kae Kae) and the National Consumer Commission (NCC). All of these clients have in each case been completely satisfied with Ms. Mabena’s contributions.

Andre Bakker

Chief Financial Officer

Andrè is a Director of the GenSunPower group, where his responsibilities as CFO include Business modelling and business development support.CEO of Q Blue Business Development Business Economist with wealth of experience in business planning & development, financial modelling, attracting equity/venture capital, debt capital and Government incentives, unlock opportunities and growth for clients.

At Q Blue he assisted many businesses in obtaining funding as well as Government Incentives. The specialist service has the aim to fill the gap between the opportunity and the entrepreneur with the most cost-effective funding.

Key Highlights

By following best practice approach, it ensures the optimal funding options for clients with a combination of Senior Debt, Mezzanine, equity, and incentives funding options.

Technical College PTA 1981 to 1984 Dipl. Business Management Univ. of Potchefstroom for CHE 1985 to 1988 B-com Business Economics Wits Business School 1997 to 1997 Advance Financial Management Wits Business School 2002 to 2002 Executive Business Development Univ. Pretoria 2005 Business Growth, Recovery and Turnaround Strategy

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We believe that the strength of our partnerships is the cornerstone of our success.


Powering Sustainable Futures

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Powering Sustainable Futures

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Powering Sustainable Futures

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